Club Apache + Amenities Policy

All Members must comply with the Amenities Policy for the Community Amenities, which are divided into four categories:

  1. Shared Amenities means the (a) Lakeside Park and (b) Geronimo Children?s Park.
  2. Open Access Amenities means the (a) Disc Golf Course, (b) Indian Creek Hiking Trail, (c) Volleyball Court, and (d) Soccer Field.
  3. Club Apache Amenities means the (a) Boat Ramp, (b) Community Hall, (c) Pool, and (d) Sport Courts (Tennis and Basketball).
  4. Parking Lots means the parking lots located at the (a) Lakeside Park, (b) Geronimo Children?s Park, (c) Hiking Trail, and (d) Association Complex.

Bulk Items and Appliance Collection

Call TDS (800-375-8375) to schedule pick up at your residence (subject to limitations). All coupons are available at the office during business hours for ASPOA members in good standing.

Compost and Dump Vouchers

  • Receive one cubic yard of compost from Eco Depot per calendar year.
  • Dump one load of waste at Eco Depot per calendar.
  • Pick up vouchers at the ASPOA office.

Austin Zoo Tickets

Members in good standing are eligible to receive up to four admission passes annually at no cost. When you are ready to visit the zoo, just stop by the ASPOA office to pick up your tickets.

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