The ASPOA Board consists of 11 members who are elected (or appointed) to 2-year terms on the Board. Five director positions expire in even years and 6 director positions expire in odd years. The purpose of staggering the expiration years is to provide the Board with a constant stream of experience.

Each director assumes a position on the board and performs the responsibilities of that position. Directors may assume more than one Board position, except that the President shall not hold the office of Secretary. Positions may be shared among more than one Director. The board might abolish positions and/or create new ones, depending on the needs of the community and the experience and interests of the board members. The Officers of the Association will be the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. The Officers positions cannot be changed or dissolved.

Directors as such shall not receive any salary or compensation for their services, other than reimbursement of expenses incurred on Association business and approved by the Board of Directors.

Summary of Responsibilities for Board of Directors

  1. President – The President shall be the chief executive officer of the corporation and is subject to the Board of Directors. He (she) shall be in general charge of the properties and affairs of the corporations: presiding at all meetings of the membership and of the Board of Directors.
  2. Vice President – To assist and work closely with the President of the ASPOA Board as needed. To assist and work closely with the Board of Directors, in general. Assist with various projects in problem solving and recommendations.
  3. Secretary – To provide proper recording of all meeting of the Apache Shores Property Owners Association.
  4. Treasurer – To provide and maintain properly recording of all funds and disbursements of Apache Shores Property Owners Association.
  5. Communications – To provide on-going communications with membership and directors.
  6. ARC (Architectural Review Committee) – To review plans of property owners for compliance with applicable deed restrictions and make recommendations to the Board of Directors. All building plans are subject to approval of Apache Shores Property Owners Association. Insure al building and plans confirm to applicable deed restrictions as set forth in the By-Laws and Deed Restrictions. Insure that property owners follow all guidelines set-forth in the building policy and packet. Follow up on all construction within Apache Shores. Make recommendations the Board where changes are needed regarding the building policy and procedures.
  7. Amenities – To establish policies, procedures and schedules for the operation and maintenance of the ASPOA recreational facilities, community hall, swimming pool, tennis courts, parks and boat dock/park area. In coordination with the maintenance director.
  8. Policy & Procedure – To establish and maintain policies and procedures that affects the management and communication of the ASPOA, in accordance with the By-Laws and all State and County Laws.
  9. Administrations – To establish recommend, and maintain policies that affect management of the ASPOA in all areas of operations in accordance with the By-Laws. To review and update current policies and procedures to present to the Board of Directors for approval. To chair the By-Law committee this will serve as an advisory committee with the Director of Administrations for the purpose of By-Law changes as deemed necessary by the Board. To oversee and manage the ASPOA office and on-site property management/office manager.
  10. Road Maintenance – To maintain and improve roads in the Apache Shores subdivision. To establish short and long term plans for any work to be done on the roads in the subdivision.
  11. Operations – For the supervision and maintenance of the swimming pool, tennis court, basketball court, boat dock, community hall, sheds and parks. Also includes office operations as needed.
  12. Deed Restrictions – To monitor compliance with deed restrictions in the community of Apache Shores.
  13. Members Services – Serves as a liaison to the Apache Shores community.


David Kneeland

Vice President, Director of Green Spaces and Parks
Hilary Brown

Harmony Agapetus

Chris Incremona

Jonathan Smith

Wendy Martinez

Director, Chair of Deed Restrictions Committee
Phillip Bachus

Director, Chair of Amenities and Apache Dam Committee
Doug Ramsey

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